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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why take lessons?

A: There are many reasons why!
-Builds confidence and it feels good!
-Learn how to breathe properly, which can be used as a tool in quelling anxiety
-Build skills in languages and diction
-Help with audition material
-Develops skills in focus, study,
-Increased Brain Function
-Music is a means of expression and communication

Q: Can anyone sing?

A: Yes! Singing is a learned skill. While some may be at an advantage due to early training and exposure, everyone can and should learn to sing.

Q: What happens in lessons?

A: Lessons are generally a half-hour to an hour long and will include vocal exercises, general music reading and theory skills, and repertoire work. The repertoire is chosen expertly with each individual's specific skill set in mind.

Q: What will NOT happen in lessons?

A: I do not sing with students more than necessary to teach the music. If you want a teacher to sing songs with you the entire lesson, then I am not the teacher for you. Singing independently is vital to vocal independence and confidence.

I am not here to make you or your child the next American Idol. I teach a healthy vocal technique that will lead to skills in singing that will last a lifetime.

Q: Do I have to perform in front of people?

A: Performance is an important aspect of lessons. It shows that you have learned something well enough to show it off in public. Performance is also an excellent exercise in confidence. The more you perform the easier it gets.

That being said, performance is not required to be in lessons.

Q: What Books Should I Use?

A: I will be more than happy to recommend scores to purchase, but here are a few of my favorite collections to get you started.


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Areas of Expertise:
Child Voices
Art Song
Musical Theatre
Opera Directing
English, Italian, German, and French Diction
Vocal Pedagogy
Beginning Music Theory



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