"My daughter has had a great experience at Saunders Vocal Studios. Through her sessions with Jessica, she has not only learned about music theory and singing technique, but also how to perform. In turn, my daughter's confidence in singing and performing has grown.  Jessica is both professional and personable, and she individualizes her lessons for each unique student. Her passion for singing is inspiring and contagious."

-- Parent of an 11-year-old

"Dr. Saunders has helped me develop and strengthen my technical abilities, along with working with the emotional aspects of singing and performing. She has truly pushed me to be the best singer I can be with her constant support and instruction."

-- Senior Music Education Student

"Jessica has given me a lot of incredible tips on how to improve my vocal technique in ways that that can give me a much more rich sound and has helped me to feel more comfortable performing in front of audiences. Whenever she sees something that needs to be fixed, she brings it up in a way that makes the student feel more secure and helps to fix the situation."

-- Sophomore Vocal Performance Student

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