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Notes from the studio:

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my very first “Notes from the Studio” blog post here at Saunders Vocal Studios. I will be posting tips for parents and students to help you all make the most of the private lesson experience. Please feel free to send me questions and I will do my best to address them! I will also highlight student performances and achievements through this blog.

This week I would like to discuss why I love teaching all ages of students! I always wanted to perform, but have found that I have a passion for teaching singers of all ages and skill levels. Some of my favorite musical experiences come from the joy I get when a student makes a new and glorious sound in the studio. I can see a lightbulb moment in real time and I know in that moment I am doing some good!!

I am a firm believer that all people can and should learn to sing. You are making a beautiful noise from your own body. Singing sends endorphins to the brain and provides a way to communicate with a broad audience. I also believe that anyone who can get up and perform in front of others has great confidence in themselves (weather they know it or not 😉) and will have more positive than negative experiences.

For example:

I have had students who were terrified to perform, in fact they might have cried after their first public performance. However, most of those who actually made the leap to sing their first performance have come back and performed again and again! I love watching my students grow as performers and as people on and off stage.

Performing and singing can also help with public speaking, interviewing, and many other day to day tasks.

Please send me any questions you have about singing or lessons and I will be sure to address them! For more information be sure to check out my Facebook page.

Just keep singing!

Dr. Jessica Saunders

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